Monday, April 23, 2012

April Joy Dare Week 3

All though I may not start my day thinking of things to be thankful or grateful for, by the time the day comes to a close, I have found something... 
I always remind my children that no matter what they are facing, there is something to be thankful for. Just this morning I spoke to them about being thankful for the fact that each of them is healthy. 
I have a dear friend in an African country whose little daughter is fighting leukaemia again and she is only eight. I cannot begin to imagine what her mama is going through...

Here is my list of thanks from the last week:

Day 17
(my own)
378) having my sweet nephew for the day even though his mum was not working
379) him having a good long nap so I could help our eldest with some school work
380) hubby getting supper done while I washed dishes that were piling up
381) a picnic in the park to celebrate a birthday this evening, lovely to catch up with friends and see kids running wild and free even though the wind was really cold

Day 18
(my own)
382) laughing with the younger two as they learn is always funny!
383) the eldest getting an A+ on a practice paper for up coming exams...relief that he is on the right track
384) cottage pie at dinner that turned out just right even though I didn't have the "right" tomato sauce that usually gives it great flavour

Day 19
(2 gifts square)
385) two square packs of rice...more Home Tester samples from a friend!
386) my youngest having no problems working out area in metres square today...doing maths with a smile so he could get ahead
and my own
387) a friend dropping off lunch when her son came for the afternoon...lunch that fed us lunch and dinner!
388) a long overdue chat with my mum on the phone today

Day 20
(a gift stacked, stashed, stilled)
389) stacked....the table stacked with lovely gifts from the UK
(our first parcel from a cultural exchange we are taking part in)
390) stashed...chocolates that my boy gave me a while back, shared and enjoyed after dinner

391) stilled momentarily....the worries of the day as we enjoyed a perfect autumn morning walk with our nature club

Day 21
(3 gifts found in Christ)
392)"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17 
393) Grace..... never ending
394) A hope and a future in Him

Day 22
(3 gifts close)
395) thankful for each day spent close to our precious three
396) thankful for close friends who brighten our days in many ways
397) thankful for close relationships with my siblings 

Day 23
(3 gifts my own)
398) calls and text messages today that may bring in work for me and hubby
399) a blessing that meant we could get some grocery shopping done, just when we needed to
400) my little guy, happily helping me prepare dinner, chatting in his own quirky manner while he worked alongside me
401) chatting to my sister via instant messaging today, her saying we are in her prayers and me being glad to hear her news...


  1. As always - so lovely to read your list! Missing you all and praying for you guys tonight.

    Lots of love

  2. Thanks Shirley- glad you enjoy it, miss you too and thanks for your prayers xxx

  3. I really love these joy dare posts. xx


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