Monday, April 16, 2012

April Joy Dare Week 2

So I keep counting and seeking each day, something big or small......
even in the more difficult times, the smallest of things to give thanks for,
 brings some happiness and joy.

Day 10
( gifts opened up)
345) His word, this morning, together as a family
346) beautiful new flowers opened up on my grannadilla vine today....I thought there would be no more
347) a package of cereal to test from Home Tester Club today
348) another box today from Home Tester for my neighbour...opened up to reveal 150 samples of Robertson's spice paste! Of course he shared some with us too!

Day 11
( gifts my own)
349) wow...more samples from a friend who got kitty food from the Home Tester Club
350) my not so well teen son lying on the couch, all wrapped in a blanket and resting his feet on my lap,
as I read aloud
351) watching my daughter re create one of Monet's works...she is blessed, art comes naturally to her
352) an autumn afternoon walk with my neighbour and our boys that needed to run in wide open spaces
353) 4 packets of hot cross buns sent by one of my daughter's friends...will enjoy some at breakfast!
354) hubby coming in from a day's work

Day 12
(3 gifts worn)
355) my comfy takkies that have carried me far
356) a striped T shirt passed on by my cousin, but still good
357) smiles of happiness as the kids and I took school outdoors this and  reading in the field across the way from their Oma, who spoiled us with a basket of tea time treats
& more my own
358) my sweet, smiling little nephew crawling to me and wanting me to pick him up when I popped in there today...and then watching him play with chocolate pudding...covered in it from head to toe
359) would you believe...more samples of kitty food today from my sister in law!
360) a big pack of sausage from my mum in law, split up and ready for 4 meals!

Day 13
(a gift bright)
361) bright, happy faces of excited kids at the science centre for their lesson on steam turbine engines
& my own
362) catching up with other home educating moms & treated to a cuppachino by a friend while the kids enjoyed their lessons
363) thankful for the blessing of a long awaited weekend out of town with hubby...just the two of us on route 62....finally celebrating our 20 years of marriage, a month after the anniversary
364) walking around the little town on a perfect, warm and windless evening.... wandering through art galleries and enjoying chatting to the locals and admiring the varied architecture..... thatched roof cottages to the grand church in the centre of the little town

Day 14
(my own)
365) knowing the children are in good hands and having fun back home
366) enjoying browsing the town market and admiring the crafts on display
367) swimming in the hot springs
368) seeing hubby relaxing with a good book and being able to do the agenda and no demands

Day 15
(my own)

369) a leisurely drive home again...majestic mountains, vineyards and colourful flowers lining the roads....good for the soul
370) arriving home safely and seeing our 3...wonderful to see them again
371) after the lovely weekend, not needing to cook as friends invited us to dinner...delicious lasagna, laughter and friendship

Day 16
(3 hard eucharisteos)
372) thankful my sister and her family were kept safe when they were robbed in the night...
hard they are so far away
373) not knowing what tomorrow brings...but trusting in His goodness
374) juggling it all: 3 children at different levels (and different types of learners) needing my input during school time and with life's challenges, trying to keep house and provide healthy meals, bringing in what I can where I can ...hard and messy at times, but thankful to be here with them
some not hard
375) thankful for a delicious gift of fresh fruits from my daughter's sweet friend
376) orders that came in today
377) complimentary movie tickets so hubby and I could join friends at a movie


  1. What a lovely list! I would have listed a chance to relax with a book as well. Oh, yes... I need to do that soon!

  2. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage and the picture of the flowers is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your list this week. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for visiting Tereasa and Cindy. Those flowers were just lovely!


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