Monday, April 9, 2012

April Joy Dare Week 1

Day 3
(3 gifts surprisingly found)
320) the librarian surprisingly found that book ( that had been missing "forever") was actually returned by us on the due date, and taken out by someone else... and so the fine was no longer due
321) 10kg of dog food in my kitchen when I came in this evening.... a blessing.... delivered by my dad
322) shoes my daughter needed, just the right price, size and colour...usually it takes a number of trips to the shops to find the right shoes for her...and she was able to buy them for herself with her own money!

Day 4
(3 gifts in His word)
323) "You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power." Psalm 139: 5
324) " If I flew away beyond the east or lived in the furthest place in the west, you would be there to lead me, you would be there to help me." Psalm 139: 9-10
325) " The Lord is righteous in ALL He does, merciful in ALL His acts. He is near to those who call to Him with sincerity." Psalm 145: 17-18

Day 5
(3 gifts @ 11am, 2pm and 6pm)
326) bumping into my sister in law at the mall and going back to her place for an unexpected visit
327) air con, cooling us down in the car on this scorching hot day
329) friends and neighbours having a bring and share braai on this beautiful evening...sitting out under the stars until late

Day 6
(my own)
330) going to church this morning...remembering what He did for us on this Good Friday
331) tasty lamb, a blessing from my sister and her husband, shared today in celebration with friends who just got engaged
332) another neighbourhood gathering..all sharing our leftovers and having dinner together

Day 7
(3 gifts waited for)
333) our three healthy children...memories of waiting 9 months for each and being truly blessed on their birthdays with healthy babies
334) this break from school, much needed before heading into the new term
335) waited for a late lunch today at special friends...worth the wait for the delicious meal enjoyed together

Day 8
(2 gifts rising up)
336) thankful that He is risen
337) prayers with the family this Easter morning
& my own
338) a thankful heart for a special day...wonderful Easter breakfast spent with hubby's parents and then pizza party with special friends, celebrating their engagement again

Day 9
(a gift hiding, held and heard)
339) hiding away in my room for a much needed nap at the end of a long, fun filled weekend
340) holding my bouncy little nephew as he played "jumpy jumpy up and down" on my lap for a few minutes this afternoon
341) hearing my sisters voice on the phone this evening, enjoying catching up on her news
& more my own
342) my dad popping in for coffee and a chat this morning...means so much to me
343) hubby making dinner tonight, blessing me by taking over that responsibility as I am just so tired
344) unplanned visit to the shop today before early closing time due to the holiday, and being able to take advantage of some really good prices before they are no longer valid tomorrow!

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