Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hands on Science Fun

This year our youngest is part of a science group that meets at the Science Centre. He has enjoyed two workshops recently and it is the highlight of his month!

Their first workshop was on electric circuits where the children investigated series and parallel circuits,
 using cells, bulbs and switches.
 They were given a lesson from the dynamic teacher who engaged the kids fully.....
about 20 mostly loud boys!
After the lesson they got to build their own circuits. 
It had my boy begging me for his own kit like that!

The second workshop was on steam turbines where they learned how phase changes can be used in mechanical systems, and once again the teacher kept their attention and interest for the duration of the lesson. Then came the fun....
they each got to build their own working steam turbine!

Besides the workshop, the kids get to interact with one another.....
 (some socialization for those who are worried about home educated kids not being!)
They learn to sit quietly in a classroom setting, paying attention to the teacher and learning to follow the teachers instructions or else their experiments wont work.
They get to explore the entire science centre and any current exhibitions, have some hands on fun with the interactive displays, and watch an exciting science show with lots of bangs and smoke!
Moms have some time out too from the usual home school day, get to catch up with one another and meet new friendly faces!

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting up at the Science Centre, with a fellow home school mom from a different part of SA. My little nephew and his mom came along to enjoy the fun. No lessons but lots of exploring and lots of fun for all!

There is also some exciting news for high school home schooled kids...
There is a Professor at the Science Centre who is keen to discuss the needs of  IGCSE and AS level science students. I will be chatting with him in the near future and he is willing to be available to our students to help them with the practical side of science! Please don't hesitate to contact me if your grade 10- 12 scientist would like to join the group!

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  1. This looks like so much fun... I seriously need to check if our Sci-Bono Science centre also offers some courses... my boys would love this type of learning.


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