Friday, April 20, 2012

Cultural Exchange - first parcel arrives!

Just as we were sending our parcels off today.... we collected our first parcel from the post office!
 Great excitement took over as we slowly took things out of the package one by one...
As you see by the flag, it was from the UK.
 There was a letter with typically British images around the border, a lovely touch!
Inside the parcel we found the following:
* A cute bag with London tourist attractions printed on it (shown in the middle of the photo at the top)
* A selection of British stamps
* Some British coins
* A cute red postbox sharpener (centre of the photo)
* A premix spice pack to make traditional cottage pie
* A variety of English tea bags
* Recipe for traditional English scones
* Crowns to decorate and have "tea with the queen"
* A selection of pictures and a referral to a website for more

The children were thrilled and could not decide on who would like to claim the sharpener...
I decided we will wait and see what comes in our other parcels and then share out the items as fairly as possible. We plan on spending a day really enjoying perusing the website, finding out more about the UK, making scones and drinking tea, and the children will make the cottage pie. It is going to be great fun! 
We are so thankful to have been part of this great idea!
Thank you Little Red Farm!
Please see the link below if you would like to sign up too!

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