Sunday, April 1, 2012

Slow Living 2012 Month Three

I came across Slow Living Essentials blog by Christine and just love the idea of looking back over the last month to see what we have been able to accomplish. Little steps toward a slower, greener and simpler life....
crafts, baking, gardening, cooking from scratch and more.
So here goes, my first attempt at looking back on what we have accomplished in March 2012!
I say "we", as my daughter often joins me in the kitchen and the garden and crafting.


A really delicious Passion Fruit / Grannadilla cake baked by my daughter.
Grannadilla Butter,
Asian coleslaw with red cabbage from the garden,
corn bread and basil pesto,corn salads,ratatouille, apricot jam squares....

and salad greens from the garden.


Aubergine preserved in olive oil.
Corn Relish.
Apricot jam made with apricots from the freezer.
Basil pesto and some basil blended into a thick paste with olive oil and frozen in ice cubes for tasty additions to winter soups and stews.
Corn for the freezer.
Blanched beans and celery from the garden for the freezer.
Stocking up:
Visiting Ina Paarman's factory shop with my sister...chicken stock, chilli and garlic seasoning and more at hugely reduced prices!

Recycling all paper and glass is an ongoing project.
All kitchen waste has been going to the worm farm or compost heap for some time now.
My daughter has been re-using old T shirts, making scarves and redesigning T's into cool new creations by cutting them.

When my oven is on, I always have more than one dish in at a time, making sure I get full use of a hot oven: dinner and home baked treats all at once, saving time and electricity.

We took part in Earth Hour last night...great fun as we were out at friends and suddenly the music went off and it went dark! 
Some of the kids were in the jacuzzi at the time....jacuzzi by candle light was fun!

Seedlings planted: lettuce, broccoli, aubergine, petunias, mint and rosemary.
Sown: herb mix, African daises, poppies, Egyptian garlic, beetroot, coriander, peas, nasturtiums.
Harvesting and enjoying: the odd green bean, spinach, basil and other herbs, celery, spring onions, mustard greens, green peppers, lettuce, chillies and the last of the baby marrows.

Knitting needles are out again: a snood for my daughter and fingerless mittens on order.
Made a "cookie jar" as a gift for one of my God children.
 (All dry ingredients layered in the jar and tied with a pretty bow...her mum will help her to make some delicious cookies!)

I have been enjoying reading the Your Family magazine that gets delivered to my door once a month thanks to my mum who gave me this gift that keeps on giving!
Jane's Delicious Kitchen has inspired some of my cooking and Jane's Delicious Garden, my gardening.
(both by Jane Griffith)
Companion Planting by Margaret Roberts is a continual source of inspiration.

Helping bead serviette rings for a wedding.
Worked at the SA Navy Festival as a volunteer, alongside my daughter.
Babysitting my sweet nephew so his mum and dad could enjoy their anniversary.
Helped my daughter prepare for her craft group.
Sharing lifts between friends when our kiddies are attending the same activities.
Visiting the library and finding all sorts of books we cant wait to get into!

We have enjoyed visits from both my sisters and their families and a visit from my mum and her sister and hubby with grand kids in tow. These times are special as they all live far away.
We have enjoyed the turn of the season, darker mornings, warm days but cooler evenings, leaves changing colour... glorious Autumn colours on display.
We are enjoying a break from school and catching up with friends.
Hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage!

Thank you Christine, I love the idea of keeping track of monthly achievements!


  1. I have also been doing the slow living challenge and I enjoyed reading what you have been doing. It is fun to meet new bloggers, and it seems like me, you also have family spread far and wide.

  2. Lovely to hear your happenings, Wendy! Your Earth Hour sounds great..loving the surprise element! And the cookie mix jar sounds very sweet indeed. Congrats on 20 years! :)

  3. Wow, you have been crazy-busy.

    I love the photo with the eggplants and bread.

    Congratulations on 20 years of marriage. :-)

  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by, loved visiting your blogs too!


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