Monday, April 2, 2012

Last of March and counting on..


Day 27
(3 gifts my own)
290) waking up and knowing my mum is here and
291) finding out she does not need surgery for her persistent neck pain
292) having coffee with my mom and my dad, the three of us
293) dinner with mum and my brother, his wife and baby, laughing and enjoying our evening together

Day 28
( gifts my own)
294) my neighbour dropping off a cooked chicken when I have a house full for lunch today
295) meeting my cousin's sweet kiddies for the first time
296) my aunt and uncle driving 6 hours to see my mum while she is here
297) blessed with beautiful sunshine, good food and 30 (I kid you not) people in and out of the house today!
298) an evening of fun, hearty laughter and a good South African braai with mum and friends

Day 29
(gifts my own)
299) unexpected orders
300) aunt and uncle visiting again today, seeing my mum and her sister enjoying catching up and being together
301) happy kids...7 of them around the house today...playing Lego, beading , skating...
302) a heart-warming note of gratitude from a friend who appreciated my daughter babysitting for her
303) grandpa popping in for coffee, bearing cookies!

Day 30
(gifts my own)
304) wearing some of the almost new clothes my daughter and I were blessed with earlier in the week... 
2 bags full from my generous cousin!
305) mum surprising me with some of the best carrot cake ever from a nearby coffee shop
306) coffee and a catch up with a dear friend this afternoon
307) a neighbourhood dinner next door...tasty curried chicken and tender lamb and tomato stew
308) rain...lots of it, watering my garden over the last two days
309) sharing a good laugh with my daughter this afternoon

Day 31
(a gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for)
310) an apology for in-sensitiveness
311) red and green chillies gleaned from the garden
312) hoping to grow in grace in Him

313) a wonderful evening shared with long time friends, girls having the time the of their lives dressing up in wedding dresses, jacuzzi and pizzas, playing records...yes, old records on a record player! And seeing our teens reconnect and just all being happy together!

Day 1
(3 gifts round)
314) round table seating eight
315) food passed round for this special meal, a Passover meal
316) round white candles, giving off beautiful light as we remembered Him tonight.

Day 2
(3 gifts white)
317) white foamy waves crashing on the shores as we drove out along the coast road today to visit my dear aunt and uncle
318) white icing topping a delicious carrot cake that my mum and I shared when she stole me away for coffee and cake today, just the two of us!
319) white, tender, succulent and tasty chicken brought by my brother and his wife for mum's farewell dinner tonight.

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  1. Jumped over from Ann's and love # 316. To remember Him and to know Him.

    Blessings, Beth


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