Thursday, April 12, 2012

Autumn afternoon amble

With school starting up this week, it was a pleasure to escape to the great outdoors 
for an afternoon amble with a friend.
We have been enjoying the most beautiful Cape Autumn weather...
 Seasonal changes are creeping in as mornings are cooler and darker for longer.
The sun departs earlier in the evenings, fooling one into thinking it is far later than it really is.
 Blankets, jerseys, slippers and gowns are making their way out of the cupboards...
Perhaps soon it will be time to light a fire.

Red, brown, orange and yellow leaves are falling. 

Our boys made the most of the hour outdoors...
Vines made perfect Tarzan ropes.

The filtered afternoon sunlight cast dappled shadows on the path.

There was lots to discover...
"helicopter seeds", fungi, squirrels scampering through the long grass, 
honeycomb from a deserted hive,
hollow trees, ferns and bamboo along the muddy river's edge...

Just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time my friend. Feels strange that we are going into Spring and you Autumn! Autumn is my favorite season so feeling just a little jealous -LOL.
    Miss you.


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