Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Eric

Yesterday we had baby Eric for the day as his mum was working. My, he has grown since he last visited. The younger two so enjoyed him! (J was too busy with his new books) K had a good chance to play mommy with him and she did really well! He is going to be a year old next month and is such a cute little thing. He has enormous , brown eyes and the cutest little smile! He looked so handsome in his little jeans and trendy t shirt.

He couldn't resist sucking and trying to chew on K's apple. He had his own thin slivers of apple but hers was far more interesting!

He is not walking yet, but cruising as he holds onto the furniture. He is rather vocal and loves to screech which made the children laugh and in turn made him screech more! He loved Z's antics and cried when Z left the room.
I did feel rather sorry for him though, as he is at that age where he has formed strong bonds with his family and we were like strangers to him. He was fairly miserable in the afternoon and very happy when his auntie came to fetch him!

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