Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something's happening!

Every morning I delight in going to check n my garden as you know. The past couple of days have been very exciting in the garden!

On the weekend, that strange looking "venus flytrap" plant had burst forth with the most beautiful, fragrant flowers. I now know what it is! It is none other than the Amaryllis! We had planted the bulbs a couple of years ago and every year, all we got from the bulbs, were some green leaves....a rather boring plant I had thought! The leaves die down after a while and then the flower is supposed to appear. Its other name is the "naked lady" as there are no leaves now, just the beautiful flowers.

The tomatoes are bearing fruit and I was delighted to see a few beans and courgettes appearing. The corn is full of male flowers that are releasing their pollen already. The chili is flowering too!
Today the younger children helped me to make an organic insecticide as there are some pesky bugs eating holes in the leaves of many of the plants. "Jane's Delicious Garden" came to the rescue with a remedy. We peeled a whole garlic bulb, grated 4 onions and added a chopped red chili. That will stand overnight and then we will add oil and dish washing liquid. I will only need 1 tablespoon to a litre of water and hopefully it will solve the problem! J thought it smelled rather delicious and wanted to eat some with his lunch! Z asked if we were going to kill vampires or bugs! I must say the smell of garlic is still lingering!

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