Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Wrap Up

Well, it is the end of yet another busy week. What a week it has been! I am grateful for the weekend, despite the fact that it will be very busy....

J has been making progress with his new curriculum and seems to be enjoying the challenge. His long time friend is walking the same road as him and they enjoy doing a lot of their work together. This week has seen me taking on the role of Afrikaans teacher as well as teaching a lesson on Life Science today. What fun we have had! These boys have such a great sense of humour! Between the laughs we are managing to get some work done.

As you can see, neither of them wanted to be photographed....a good photo to show at their 21sts!
We needed a microscope for this lesson. It is something neither family owns at this stage. I recalled my sister had borrowed one from the doctor who delivered all my children and hers some years ago. One quick phone call was all it took, and he kindly agreed to allow us use of his microscope for as long as we need it. What a blessing!
The boys enjoyed the hands on experience with the microscope and it made such a difference to the lesson. I cannot imagine trying teach this lesson about the parts and their functions without the microscope being there. We need glass slides to examine specimens and they did not come with the microscope. I called the pharmacy to see if we could order some but apparently all the wholesalers are out of stock. I proceeded to call the local pathology lab and explained that we needed a couple of slides for our lessons. I was bowled over when the lady told me I could come in and collect some free of charge! She gave me a whole box full as well as the slip covers for wet specimens. We sure will have more fun when we get to use the microscope next week!

The younger two have been enjoying our Zoology studies. My little scientist thrives on the hands on and experiments. He so enjoyed this experiment that proved that cold water is heavier than hot water and therefore sinks.

This afternoon, before dashing off to K's drama class, we had a welcome break at the Barnyard. The children enjoyed the free open spaces and all the animals as well as delicious milkshakes.

This evening we had a fun evening out with hubby's parents and the daughter of one of his cousins from Holland. It was lovely to meet her. She is studying to be an actress and as K has been chosen for a fairly big role in the performance her drama school is going to put on, they had a lots to talk about!

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