Friday, February 5, 2010

Week that was

This week went by so fast again! I am glad that the weekend is here even though it is set to be a busy one. This afternoon K had a last meeting for the kids literature club and was thrilled to make it into the team for the competition on Monday. She also went to drama and J had extra karate training.
We enjoyed a relaxed Friday evening with extended family and were supposed to have burgers...I was too busy chatting and they got burnt. Thankfully, to save the day, pizzas were ordered and enjoyed by everyone.

For school this week,the children and I have been doing a lap book on Egypt. We were lent some fantastic books to go along with our study by some kind friends. We also borrowed a board game on Egypt and we look forward to playing that next week as well as getting some DVDs from the library to compliment our Egypt studies.

In the garden, I have been doing the usual watering every morning as well inspection for any damage. Thankfully there has been none this week. I was given some sage and cabbages, so those were planted. My corn are doing well and there are tomatoes on the vines. Lunch time has been a treat with fresh basil added to the sandwiches!
Pictured below is this mysterious plant that has just sprung up in one of my beds....I wish my veg would grow that fast! We are not sure what it is. I first noticed the stem sticking out of the ground about 2 weeks ago. Since then it has continued to grow rapidly and looks like some weird Venus fly trap! I am sure the bud will open soon and I hope we will have some idea of what it is then!

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