Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keepers...cooking fun

Today we had another keepers get together. It was perfectly timed for me as it meant a night off as the girls prepared dinner for their families.
I have been really tired over the last couple of days as we adjust to J's new curriculum. Last night I was up until midnight marking and checking his days work, after a full day and much time doing admin on the computer. ( I am organising the Pick n Pay cooking school classes for this year and a careers outing for the high school children.)
One of the moms instructed the girls on how to make spaghetti bollonaise and another mom taught the girls to make a lemon tart. Both were delicious!
The girls had some time to socialise and the moms had a great time of fellowship together. It really just gave me the boost that I needed and I treasure the support and encouragement that we experience together.

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