Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend fun

The week went by with the usual school and we have been enjoying our books on Egypt and the game that our friends lent us. I was also happy to get back into Tae Bo after being sick. I managed 3 classes this week and my body is still telling me that I have been exercising again but it feels good!

Saturday morning saw J back at training for karate in Camps Bay. Eric took the opportunity take K out on a daddy & daughter date. He and K walked on the beach and went for smoothies on the beach front. I am so pleased that they had this time together. In the afternoon, he had a game of cricket and I organised an impromptu get together for the children and their friends at our house.

One of Ks friends was here a bit early and the girls spent their time on the wall (their favourite place to climb up to) chatting and enjoying some lunch.
I want our home to be a place where the children enjoy entertaining their friends and where they can have good clean fun. The kids, all ten of them from 7 to 16 years of age, had lots of fun. They swam, rode their j boards and made their own pizzas.

Today, Valentine's day, was special. K was up early and set the table outside for breakfast. She had baked some scones yesterday and we enjoyed them with my homemade apricot jam, and a cherry berry jam from Ladybrand, and cream....a rather rich breakfast! We enjoyed a fresh pot of coffee and there were chocolates at everyones place. Hubby spoiled me with red and white roses, a chocolate and a magazine to enjoy!

After church, we came home for a quick lunch and then took the kids down to the flea market. They each found something they wanted to buy with their pocket money. We went for a walk on the beach and came home to relax. This evening I cooked a gammon and we enjoyed that with salads and baked potatoes. A lovely day....

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  1. To be at the beach. We're expecting snow again tonight.


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