Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hooray! J's school books arrived yesterday. We have been waiting patiently for them to arrive and it was with great excitement that I woke him yesterday so we could go and fetch the parcel at the post office. (I knew that once they arrived, he would be incredibly busy, so I have let him sleep in a bit recently.)
He was eager to get stuck in with his books and over the last two days, has managed to start his English, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography and Business Studies. Among the 9 subjects, he will also be doing Accounting.....a subject I have no knowledge of. Thankfully that is a subject Hubby excelled in and so he is taking the role of Accountancy teacher. Today he came home with the necessary journal, cash book and ledger.
It will be quite a change from the way J has been schooled until now but he is so eager to excel that I don't think the adjustment will be too much of a challenge for him.
I have made a number of calls to the subject advisers and to the curriculum provider with queries and I am pleased to say, they have all been very supportive and helpful. The subject advisers are available on the phone or email for any queries or problems that may arise.This is just what we need for this phase of J's education.
He will be writing term tests towards the end of March and in the third term, then exams in July and November. There are open book tests regularly and portfolio assignments which get sent in for marking. Today we received a newsletter from the curriculum providers that was full of necessary information including a year planner and dates for a congress in our area later in the year. We are excited to embark on this new journey together!

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