Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keepers - Swimming

Today we had our turn to host the Keepers meeting. It was a glorious day and the topic for our meeting was swimming.
Shirley chatted to the girls about being modest when they go swimming and went on to talk about safety around the pool and in water. She demonstrated how to support someone who needs to be rescued.They had so much fun rescuing one another.

The girls had to tread water for five minutes and there was much laughter and fun had by all!

They also had to float for five minutes.

Children are always hungry after swimming and my resident bakers, K and Z, had thankfully baked a big batch of delicious seed cookies for tea time.
It was a lovely afternoon and the children happily splashed away while the mums opted to lie on a blanket in the shade and catch up with one another. We so enjoy these times together.

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  1. To be warm enough to swim. It is 23 degrees here. I wish I was with you.


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