Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today we were thrilled to get an email from Zelda Mycroft of the Chaeli Campaign, announcing that J and K have both been selected to be ambassadors for Pay-It-Forward! Below are their own motivations for wanting to become part of this exciting venture:

Recently I was challenged by a book that I read, to step out of my comfort zone, rise above the normal expectations of society for teens, and to do things too big to accomplish alone. The Pay-it-Forward program will help to get me started doing things this way. (J)

I have been challenged to do things out of my comfort zone and that are too big for me to do alone. For some time I have felt that God is calling me to make a difference in my community. This will give me the opportunity to do so. (K)

Below is an excerpt from the application form so you can understand better what it entails:
We are delighted to invite young people between the ages of 10 and 14 to apply to become our 2010 Pay-It-Forward Ambassadors. If selected for this programme, you will embark on an incredible journey as an individual and as a member of the Ambassador team. What we do through this programme is grow a relationship with a group of young people who would like to work with The Chaeli Campaign to implement social change and to promote inclusion and diversity by making a difference in the lives of differently-abled children. You would be required to promote some of our events in your schools and in your communities and will also have an opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship and grow your own projects.The backbone of the project will be to:
attend a monthly workshop session (2 hours per month on a Saturday) where you will receive information / training and be able to brainstorm issues around how entrepreneurship can create positive change in people and communities. Our Founding Committee members and 2009 Ambassadors will be mentors and will also lead some of these discussions so it won't just be managed by old fogeys like me!
  • promote Chaeli Campaign events (e.g. Art & Poetry Competition, Grand Prix, Junior Chaeli Riders, etc.) at your school and in your community in order to raise a positive awareness of inclusion and diversity re: disability;
  • grow your own events or projects: we will provide guidance through brainstorming and support with logistics;

We would like each young person to commit to being a Pay -It-Forward Ambassador for one year-this is essential for each of you to have time to grow in knowledge, confidence and also to grow your own ideas of how you intend being agents of change in your own communities.

As their mom, I am so blessed that they have the opportunity to take part in something so exciting and challenging!

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