Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chaeli Campaign Pay-It-Forward Ambassadors Programme

Today we had the privilege of attending the first meeting of the Pay-It -Forward- Ambassadors Programme. J and K were both chosen as ambassadors a short while ago. All though they are going to serve the Chaeli Campaign, I believe this experience will enrich their lives enormously as they embark on this journey as individuals and become members of this awesome team of kids. They will be learning new skills that will make a difference in lives of others.

We met at the Chaeli Cottage which is a hive of activity and the office of the Chaeli Campaign. The walls are covered with colourful art and awards. Zelda Mycroft, Chaelis mom, is a dynamic woman who captivated the attention of the children and parents alike for two hours. This is one amazing momma!
The children were given a file full of important info on the exciting plans for the year ahead as well as a diary and doodle pad to jot down their thoughts. The first assignment the team have been given, is to promote the "Hope in Motion" Art and Poetry Competition. Zelda made special mention that they were very glad to have some home educated children on the team this year so they could promote the Chaeli campaign in their community.

A wheel or circle motif or theme must feature in the entries. Entries must depict disability in a positive way where the focus is on ability and forget the "dis"ing! Entries may be crafts, sculptures or visual art and the poetry may be in English, Afrikaans or Xhosa. All ages from grade 1 to adults may enter. (Come on Dad....give it a go!) The deadline for entries is 21 May 2010. K is very excited as there will be an exhibition where she will finally get to display her own art!
The children have also been asked to give their own story at the next meeting which is titled ," My Story- I have a lot to teach the world". I feel so blessed that my children have been given this incredible opportunity to serve others and grow as individuals doing things that are out of their comfort zones. They are blessed to be mentored by Zelda and the previous ambassadors. Keep watching this space as we travel on this amazing journey for the next year...

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