Friday, April 16, 2010

What a week...

The week got off to a good start and we had fun resuming our learning. J has started his new Business studies and Physical Science and has continued with Afrikaans and Maths. We ordered his new books and eagerly anticipate them arriving.
K was pleased to start her new Language book that arrived in the mail this week. She is so diligent about getting her work done and was worried that the book would not be here for her to start in the new term.
Z is making progress and has decided he wants to learn to write in cursive. It was not something I wanted to push with him, as writing has been a struggle for him. He surprised me by doing some beautiful cursive writing. He seems to enjoy the way the letters flow into one another.
We managed to finish a book we have been reading together and we have had some interesting discussions around many issues this week.
We had some fun too as K had to go for a fitting for the dress she will be modeling in the bridal show in a couple of weeks time. She so loves pretty, girly things and it is a real treat for her to go to our friends bridal studio and be treated like a princess! The dress has been made specially for her!

I also took the older two children and a friend to the MTN Sciencentre for their Career Open day. The children enjoyed chatting to different people and finding our more information regarding possible career choices. We particularly enjoyed an amusing talk given by a leading scientist from a research laboratory.

Today saw K going to drama and a sleep out at a dear friend. Tomorrow she will be painting and grandpa and hopes to finish the painting she has been working on. J has been unable to train at karate all week as he injured his ankle last week so at least we have a free Saturday morning. I will be going to Tae Bo and then teaching the boys some Afrikaans. We have the birthday party of a sweet 4 year old friend in the afternoon.

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