Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new term begins

Yes, the Easter holidays are over and its back to school tomorrow. I am looking forward to time spent together, learning all sorts of new things and cuddling up on the couch together as we read. I love that we can take a gentler approach to learning and do things at our own pace. I plan to introduce an outdoor hour each week where we will do nature study. I have also got plans to do more art together this term. As we lay chatting before bedtime, Z also expressed his happiness at starting school again tomorrow. I think the routine of school is comforting in some way as he knows what is expected each day.

There are big changes as J begins a new path for his high school too. Sadly, we were very disappointed with the programme he had been using last term. We tried to be patient with all the errors and problems but at the end of the day, it was an unfinished product which gave us many hours of unnecessary complications. We hope that the new journey will be successful and we are excited to see the progress. He will be doing IGCSE or Cambridge O levels (equivalent to grades 10 & 11) as some may know it. He has the added advantage of being able to make an early start as this is officially his grade 9 year. He will have time to become accustomed to this new way of learning and will write his exams in 2011 and 2012 and then go on to AS (Advanced Studies equivalent to Matric) in 2013.

Just had to end off with this photo of the resident artist having fun with colour!

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