Thursday, April 22, 2010

Full and busy days

As we are almost at the end of the second week of term, I realise why I love the school holidays so much! We can just "be" without having to dash here or there and there is less pressure on our days.

This week has been full of all sorts of activities. We have had a second fitting for K for the Bridal show; J and a friend have done career assessment tests at Damelin; a meeting took place in our home; we have been to the gym twice; we have seen the new Nanny Mc Phee movie and tonight the youngest two have been treated to a visit to the Moscow Circus! Amongst all that, there has been the usual karate, tae bo (to keep me fit and sane) and school.

School has seen J making good head way with his Physical Science and enjoying the many experiments. I found a fantastic site where we downloaded a schedule for the Physical science as well as note booking pages and Lab reports. We have made excellent progress with Afrikaans too. The younger two have kept up with all their work and we continue to enjoy our Zoology.

I love it that our learning can take place anywhere in the home and at any time. Early, one cold and rainy morning this week, Z and I went through his maths and language while keeping snug and warm on my bed. This week also saw a few lessons at the kitchen table while I baked a delicious apple and almond bread or made dinner.

Z decided he wanted to learn how to knit....

We tried and there were a few laughs as the stitches fell off and then we settled for finger knitting instead! (I just love the Internet-you can find anything you need in a flash!) He has made good progress and it gives him something to do while I read. He is the sort of child that needs to keep busy!
As we head into Friday, J will be writing his first test for Physical Science, the little ones will sleep late after tonight, there will be drama and extra karate tomorrow .... full and busy days!

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