Thursday, April 15, 2010

Light Vigil

On Tuesday evening we joined the more than 1200 members of our community at a Light Vigil to make a silent protest against crime. The SAPS, Metro, Traffic and private security companies were out in full force. A police helicopter flew overhead and 4 crack policemen abseiled down onto the Ladies Mile Circle. There were flashing red and blue lights everywhere and the children were delighted to climb onto the roof of a fire engine.The proceedings were filmed for Television broadcast.
A member of the community who tragically lost his wife to crime 2 years ago, gave a moving speech and there was a 2 minute silence in memory of those who have lost their lives due to violent crime. Even the smallest children remained silent as we stood together with our torches or candles in protest.
The biggest motor cavalcade of more than 200 vehicles yet seen in the southern suburbs, if not the Western Cape, set off with flashing lights on a more than 5 km round trip.Many other vigils were held in other suburbs around our city. The statement being made to the Government, is that our country belongs to us and not the criminals! (We were told they did try to call of the event.....) It was amazing to be part of this event and to take a peaceful stand against crime.

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