Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holidays in our house

The weather in this part of the world has certainly changed in the last couple of weeks. Mornings are crisp. Days are warm and there is little wind. Displays of Autumn colour are amazing. The evening skies are magnificent with stars shining brightly. I love this season.

We are on our Easter holiday and I can hardly believe it is going so fast. K is still practising drama and all 3 children are still keeping up with the karate training. The older two have also wanted to continue with their ballroom dancing and tonight we had the pleasure of going to watch the class.

J is still working diligently on his first terms work and doing a bit each day. He has written his English term papers and done exceedingly well. He and Eric are working through the accountancy and tomorrow afternoon he will be tutored in business studies. In between all the activity we have had some time to catch up with friends too.
The younger two and I have tried to keep up with some reading and K has been enjoying some drawing.

She copied this from from one of our drawing books (unfortunately the flash has over exposed the picture a bit).She so enjoys being creative.

We had the pleasure of going to a lecture given by my dad. It was held at a nearby coffee shop. The children and their friend so enjoyed hearing about the history of neurosurgery and its advances over the years. They were amazed by his interesting stories. K wants to go and watch him doing brain surgery....
Now we have hubby home for the next few days and we look forward to celebrating the Easter weekend together.

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