Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To my sweet niece

This post is dedicated to my one and only sweet niece. She is living a good 13 hours drive away from "home" at the moment. We all miss her, her precious mom (my sister), and her dad and my one and only nephew very much. She and I had a brief session of skyping this afternoon and it was precious. She says I don't blog enough and I don't post nearly enough pictures....
I will try to take more photos, I know how we enjoy yours and moms photos when we get them. It makes us feel more connected even though many miles separate us. We think of you all often and treasure the memories of our farm holiday with you. I miss your free spirited character and your catching laugh. You have a special place in my heart. You were my children's first friend and I fondly remember the days when you were all cute little toddlers (sometimes not so cute too!). I love the special bond between you and your brother and my children. I love the way you all "play" (and get up to mischief) and have great fun when you are all together. We miss you all most when we cross over the mountain to the other side and you're not home....we always felt welcome in your home and it is as if something is missing now that we cant pop in when we are on that side....We are there at least once a week now as K does drama there and she paints with grandpa. We look forward to the day we can pop in again.

The Cape is getting really cold now during the evenings but we are having some wonderful ,warm and sunny days with no wind. Perfect for a walk on the beach or a braai. Yesterday, being a holiday, Uncle Eric and I enjoyed a cuppchino down at Fish Hoek while K was at drama.

Your cousins are very busy getting ready for karate grading next week. J is also having many hours of extra training for his up coming competition in under two weeks. We will definitely send some photos. K is excited about the fashion show she will be in on the weekend.

Yesterday K went with grandpa to an art exhibition at the Iziko Gallery. She enjoyed that. Her painting is coming on nicely and we will send a photo soon.

I have been having lots of fun enjoying my newest cookery book and trying out all sorts of recipes. I made a delicious pork and mushroom dish and last night I got to use some of our home grown beans in a chicken curry.

K has also been doing some baking and she made the most delicious, decadent choc chip cookies and pinwheel cookies on Monday. They were the best ever! She will have to make them when you come home!

Yip, she was still in her pyjamas when she baked them!
Anyway, sweet girl, I hope to be able to share more regularly, with more photos.....
I love you

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