Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter has come and gone

I cant believe the Easter weekend has come and gone so fast. It was filled with wonderful family time and time with friends too.

On Good Friday we had a special breakfast at home with the children and read them a story about a little boy who wanted to play Jesus in the Easter pageant. He was very disappointed when he didn't get he part but on the day of the pageant, it was as if he was transported back to the day of the crucifixion and he WAS Jesus....until Jesus really came and took his place. I love that we can have these special times with our children.
Friday evening was spent at my dads home and we had a great time chatting and creating our own pizzas. K spent the night there so she could paint on Saturday morning. J had been at his friend doing more business studies and he enjoyed the day there on Saturday too.

Saturday was spent with friends from Dar who introduced us to the wonderful game of Mah Jong. We hadn't played in a while so it was great fun to play a few rounds.

On Sunday morning we just had to hide some Easter eggs for Zak who still enjoys the thrill of finding them! Afterwards we enjoyed a special time of Bible reading as a family and shared communion together. We went on to enjoy coffee and hot cross buns and Easter treats with hubby's parents. Later we shared in a great afternoon of fellowship, food and fun with some special friends. All in all it was a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend!
Monday was hubby's last day of the long weekend and he spent time working in the garden which was in need of a mow and neatening up. It looks so good again. The evening was spent with a group of friends.

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