Friday, April 9, 2010

Garden happenings

OK, its 3 am and the family is sound asleep but I have such bad heartburn that I cant sleep.... so what better to do than to post on the garden! I have been wanting to post for a while but as it is still school holidays, and there have been so many things happening, there simply has not been a chance.

Our compost bin that we started some months back, is beginning to give us the most amazing compost! My brother advised us to wet the pile a short while ago and it has just taken off.

We took out a wheel barrow of the most amazing, clean smelling , rich black crumbly compost. I didn't think I could ever get excited about compost of all things! The children were amazed that all our kitchen scraps and garden clippings could make this beautiful stuff...

As the autumn sun hits the garden at a different angle, all the pots have needed moving into different positions as they were not getting enough sun. The tomato in this one just sprung up on its own.

I pulled out the marrows, gems and butternut in the veg beds as they were covered in mildew that I could not seem to control. After enriching the beds with our own compost (it feels so good to be able to that), I planted some cabbage seedlings and bright lites spinach.

The bed under Z's window was looking very sad so I added a splash of colour with some gazanias. I just love these bright flowers!

Speaking of bright flowers, another of my favourites is the sunflower, and we have two adding a splash of colour to the veg beds.
I harvested a hand full of chillies! Apparently one should harvest if you want the plant to produce more. I am still harvesting peas which never make it into the kitchen as they are best eaten fresh while surveying the veg garden! We are also enjoying the lettuce and the herbs and look forward to more beans as well as peppers, bringals and broccoli.

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