Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art activities

Another long overdue post....

We have spent more time enjoying the art activities from our book on Monet.

This time we tried painting pictures with depth.

This is for you Cath as you say I never post my art...well here it is, as you see I tried the field of poppies and had fun doing it.

K enjoyed creating the castle scene.

Experimenting with Modern Art... a favourite activity for Z....the messier the better!

Oh dear...K's modern art became an art disaster when she squeezed her paint tube and it burst, sending splotches of orange paint EVERYWHERE!

We have also enjoyed reading Looking at Pictures, kindly lent to us by a friend. It is an introduction to art through the collection of the National Gallery. We spent hours enjoying some of the worlds greatest paintings and went on a wonderful journey of discovery into the world of art.

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