Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family time

Like my dear sister, I have a lot to catch up on with my blog. This entry goes back to about a month ago. Time flies....

Right after K's birthday celebrations, she went back up to Ladybrand with my sister and her children. It was an idea that became a reality when everything fell into place. They travelled up in the gigantic bakkie and trailer pictured above. All though a very short time, it was a special time for K on the farm with her cousins.

We all met up again in Pietermaritzburg the following Saturday to remember my precious Grandpa. It was a sad time yet a special time of bonding for the family. It had been years since so many of us were together in one place.
My Grandpas wife and her family graciously hosted all of us for the day. My Uncle led us as we remembered grandpa and various members of the family paid tribute to him. We listened to some of his favourite music and sang his favourite hymns. We enjoyed the orange cake that he would have wanted on his 90th birthday and shared a special bottle of wine that would have been for that day too. It was a memorable day, sad yet good to remember the man he was, the life he lived and the special times.

My mum and her husband, my aunt and uncle, my brother as well as my sister and her family all descended onto my older sisters home for a couple of nights. She and her husband are so hospitable and her home always feels like home from home.
We three sisters and the two girl cousins all piled into one bedroom. The guys camped out in the garden and the lounge.

Special family times were enjoyed as we continued to remember Grandpa and relax and enjoy one anothers company.

We spent some time down at the dam and the kids had fun enjoying the bridge over the dam that had been built for a cycle race through that area.

Of course, falling in was part of the fun. Uncle D is always ready to have fun with the children and they spent ages swimming in the dam.

My brother enjoyed some fishing.

My mum got to spend a week at my sister after the rest of the family made their way back to their homes in various parts of the country. I could have stayed on too but knew I needed to get home to my hubby and boys and the school term ahead.

It was a precious time and the girls enjoyed every moment of their time together.

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