Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspired by Jane

Last night a friend invited me to a book shop in Kalk Bay. Jane Griffiths was there to launch her new book : Jane's Delicious Kitchen. It is a fun, inspiring and practical cooking journey through the seasons with practical advice and over a hundred mouth-watering and individually photographed recipes. It is about making the most of seasonal bounty. Jane's Delicious Kitchen is for gardening gourmet chefs and novices alike.

It was great to sit there and listen to her being interviewed about the book. I am like her in the way that a recipe is usually just a guide for me. I love to throw in a bit of this or that and try to recreate dishes I may have eaten while out.

I have loved her book Jane"s Delicious Garden and it is what inspired me to create my own veg garden. I love adding things that I have grown to our meals, even if it is just a little parsley or some spring onions.

Inspired by Jane, this afternoon I harvested some spinach, a baby cabbage, some spring onions and beans. It all went into a tasty Thai stir fry for dinner.

Now to get my hands on that new book of hers!

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  1. Feeling green. Glad you had the chance to go. xxx


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