Friday, November 19, 2010

A perfect day

I woke early on Thursday and went about my usual morning chores. I was ready to start the school day when T called and invited us to join her at the beach as it was her birthday. I could not resist ditching school and heading out with the children for some fun in the sun. It was a perfect day with not a breath of wind! I was sorry that J chose to stay home and do some work but also pleased that he chose to be diligent about his work.

Just look at that beautiful, calm blue water!

The boys headed right into the water and stayed there for hours. I needed to soak up the sun and the peaceful atmosphere before getting into the cold water!

I did venture in for a was icy and refreshing and I cant remember when last I swam in the sea. T and K spent some time with the boys in the deeper water.

Rumbling tummies dictated that it was lunch time and by then the beach was becoming rather crowded. W went to a favourite spot: Cape to Cuba . The boys were fascinated by the barman making them alcohol free strawberry daiquiris. Little Z declared it was the best smoothie ever!

We enjoyed the views of Kalk Bay harbour and the occasional passing train caused great excitement for the boys.

We enjoyed a tappas platter of chili poppers, pepper poppers, ribs, bread, olives, mussels and other delicious bits and pieces. Lunch was rounded off with a visit to the ice cafe . The selection of flavours can be mind boggling. I settled on ginger ice cream and chocolate...a fantastic combination!

On the way home we popped in at a friend to see her gorgeous baby grand daughter born in the early hours of Thursday morning. After a swim back home and an afternoon siesta, we ventured back to T for more birthday celebrations. Tender fillet steak rolls and chocolate fondue for desert. What a perfect day!

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