Thursday, November 25, 2010

A trip to the library

Early this week, we had a planned visit to the library. K needed to get some information on the Dewy Decimal System and our librarian was willing to chat to the children and explain everything to them.
It was wonderful as nobody else was there as it it was before opening time. The librarian, who clearly loves books, kept us there for a couple of hours. She was informative and enthusiastic and ever so helpful. This really surprised me as I had always thought of her as being rather strict and unfriendly. She was so interested in K's school book and kept coming back to check if K had found the information she needed to find.
She made up a little worksheet for the children to complete that was almost like a treasure hunt or detective work. They had to find various books on the shelves, relating to their classification or Dewy numbers. The children really enjoyed that activity and in between they got sidetracked by books that interested them. I thought we would never get out of there!

We came away with some books on Anne Frank as K is doing a research essay on her and Z found a few books to read too. He has recently discovered the joys of getting stuck into a book, and can be found reading by torch light when he should be asleep or early in the morning before getting out of bed and any time in between! He has been able to read well for a number of years but has never really spent much time with his nose buried in a book so I am thrilled that he has discovered the joys of reading and is taking after his bookworm siblings.

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