Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catching up with old friends

Z has been having a great time this week at holiday club at our church. (It gives me a chance to catch up on some school work with the older two.) It is a week filled with all sorts of fun, games and learning about God.They have verses to memorise each day. The leaders are mostly the youth of the church and they treat the kiddies so well and make them feel so welcome every day. Today they had a crazy hair day. Z had fun buying himself "crazy hair" yesterday.

He was thrilled that one of his old friends from his grade R year was there too. They have been inseparable!

He also started Upward Soccer league yesterday and another of his old school buddies was there.

Upward is more than a game. Every child is a winner and there is a positive fun vibe. Upward promotes character and self - esteem in every child, while improving their sports skills. They are given special recognition awards (stars to iron onto their shirts) after every game. Yesterday there was great excitement as they received their kit along with a hacky sack, music CD and magazines.

K and J have signed up to be assistant coaches this season too. I am so grateful for opportunities for them to be leaders in their community. For J it is fairly easy as he has a good knowledge of soccer after having played club soccer for a few years. He also coaches the little ones at karate fairly regularly. For K it is a case of doing a "hard thing".....but I know she will grow as she perseveres in this new venture.

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