Thursday, June 10, 2010

A day of preparation

Much of today was spent preparing for our festivities tomorrow. We are getting together with friends to enjoy the opening match of the World Cup and each child is preparing something deliceous from a chosen country. They will also be presenting some information on the country they chose.

Z prepared a Japanese treat: Chocolate oat crackles....(sushi would just not do it for him!)

K spent part of the morning with her Dutch Oma who taught her to make Satay Sauce. We just love this spicy peanut sauce with chicken kebabs! Once home, she made the marinade for the chicken.

J chose Mexico and we have been making the pinata all week. It was time to paint it and add the finishing touches today.

He chose to paint the pinata in the Bafana Bafana colours, giving it a South African flavour. We filled it with all sorts of yummy treats and added an SA flag for decoration.

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