Friday, June 18, 2010

A walk in the forest

The rain subsided on Thursday and we joined a group of moms and kids for a walk in a nearby forest. The temperatures were still low despite the sunshine and we dressed warmly as it is cooler in the shade of the enormous trees.

We were aiming for "level 5" where we expected to see the waterfalls. The river was flowing swiftly after the recent rains and we had to cross it twice.

After our second crossing, higher up, it was decided that we would not go as far as we had planned. We were only at level 2 and one of the littlest members of the group was taking strain.

Instead we headed off the track in search of mushrooms that always appear after the rains.

Among many others, this huge one was found. We were not sure if this was poisonous or not and the little guy was instructed not to touch his face at all by his very worried mama. We could not seem to identify it in the field guide.

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