Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chaeli Campaign Art and Poetry Winners

On Saturday morning we dropped K off at the Chaeli Cottage. As an ambassador, she was asked to be a hostess for the prize giving for the art and poetry competition. J could not work as he was competing in a triangular competition for karate.

K was always wanted her art to be on exhibition, today she got her wish!

Z and I fetched hubby's parents and later came back to the Chaeli Cottage. We browsed at all the art works and enjoyed reading the poems that were entered. The standard was amazing. After enjoying some tea and scones, the prize giving began. Zelda welcomed everyone and then a differently abled girl, Cherne, sang for us.

Her voice was so powerful and moved many to tears with her message of hope. We heard that she had recently made it into the top thirty for Idols. This beautiful young lady is an inspiration to those who hear her amazing voice! It was fitting that we all stood around her in a circle as the theme of this competition was "circles of hope".

Z had entered a picture of a differently abled person being pushed in a wheelchair on the mountain. He called it "Even if I cant walk, I can explore". You can just imagine his surprise when his name was called out first! ( I had known he was a finalist for his age group in the competition and had kept it as a surprise for him). The timing was just incredible for him as he had had a very hard week. This was just the boost he needed!

After receiving his first place prize of R500, he turned and looked back to where we were standing with a look of absolute pleasure on his little face! It was so good to see him feel like a winner and be a winner.

Zelda and the little man with his certificate and prize.

It was a happy morning and there was much joy as the winners of each category stepped forward to claim their prizes. One young differently abled lady was so overcome with tears of joy at winning first place. She could not contain her joy as she had never won anything in her life before. She had entered a beautiful, colourful work of art.

Group photo of all the winners.

A young home school boy also entered a photo collage into the competition. It has been decided that from now on there will be a new category for photographic entries too. His photography was excellent.

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