Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Book Matrix

K has been attending drama lessons since the beginning of the year and just loving it. The cast of 20 children have been working long and hard on a play called "The Book Matrix".

Rehearsals have taken up much of her time. On Friday evening they had their first dress rehearsal which went on well into the evening. Monday night saw another rehearsal and finally tonight the first show.

K played the part of a genie called "The Doxologist" or Doxo for short. The story is about four children, two of whom are reluctant readers, who are transported to different times and places by way of books.

K and the other genie basically pull the parts of the play together by taking the children to see Medusa and Athena, Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Frances Drake, Tom Sawyer and Queen Elizabeth.It was very well done and all the children appeared to be enjoying themselves on stage.

Below are the four "children" and the two genies.

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  1. Wow, keren you look so pretty, well done!!!! love you


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