Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the mend

My little man has certainly been through a rough time over the last ten days. I can only be thankful that he is beginning to feel so much better. As I said to my hubby this week, all of our kiddies have been very sick at one time or another but it seems that this has been the worst ever.

He was well enough to have some fun doing some sand art in bed over this weekend as we listened to story Cd's. The swelling has subsided a lot and he says his neck no longer feels so heavy. Today he got out of bed for the first time and dressed for the day. It was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to have a braai. He spent some time outside in the shade playing with his "Martian Mud".

Tonight he was really tired and somewhat grumpy. I lay with him as he fell asleep on my bed, reassuring him that tomorrow will be a better day. I am sure it will take some time for him to get back his usual energy levels. But in the mean time, we will take each day as it comes with plenty of quiet time and rest.

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