Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another great day...

Today was officially the last day of the school term as the World Cup starts in just two days. We however will not be taking a five week holiday. BUT our school has taken on a more relaxed tone as we are enjoying finishing up books we are reading and exploring the foods of the nations from the World Cup.

Our day began today with a wonderful Bible study lead by a fellow home school mom. She and her family are working as missionaries and very kindly taught us how to "discover" what Gods Word is saying to us as we read it.
We all first had to tell the group what are thankful for and then tell about any "need" each of us may have, whether it be a problem with a friend or anything else bothering us.
We went on to read from the Bible. We read from Proverbs and the scriptures revolved around honesty and how God expects that from us. We went through the reading verse by verse and summarised what was being said by each verse. Then it was time to reflect on what we had read and then we each told the others how we would put into practice what we had read or how it will make a difference in our own lives. The children really enjoyed the time spent together and found it meaning full. We have decided that we will use this format when we read the Bible together in the mornings.

We came home after a lovely shared lunch and then spent some time reading the story we are busy with. Soon it was time to get K ready for her play. We have so enjoyed our drives to the other side of the mountain together. A lovely time of catch up and chatting together.

She enjoyed the final night of her play and was happy that her grandpa and uncle and aunt were there to support her tonight.

On Friday we are planning all sorts of fun for the opening of the World Cup. In preparation, we have been making a pinata. The weather has been rather cold so it has been taking a long time to dry. I have been moving it around the house to find the sunny spots and have even been trying to speed up the drying process with a hairdryer!

Tonight, I was thrilled to see that hubby had a fire going when I came home...the pinata needed that! It has dried beautifully this evening

K relaxed next to the fire and dutifully turned the pinata so that it could dry all over. We even managed to get it dry enough to add another layer. The fire was a gas fire but hubby pulled out the gas pipes and we have made it into a wood burning fire. The gas just did not do the trick! Now we can look forward to picking up pine cones in the forest for our fire.

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