Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden and kitchen

My garden is not getting as much sun now that we are in throws of winter but I am still able to enjoy the fruits of it. Today I picked the first head of broccoli. It probably should have been picked sooner but it was delicious in our broccoli and chicken bake for dinner!

The first cauliflower is peeping out from between the layers of green surrounding it.

My chillies are turning a brilliant red and so I am leaving them on the bush. I picked two today to add to our pot of vegetable soup at lunch time. They gave a delicious bite to the soup. I continue to enjoy adding fresh basil, parsley, chives or other herbs from the garden to most of our meals.

My spinach is also doing very well and I have taken to making green smoothies. I throw in some yoghurt, an apple , orange or paw paw (or whatever fruit is on hand), some sunflower seeds, a chunk of fresh ginger and then a handful of freshly picked spinach....the result is a thick green smoothie that looks awful but is so full of good nutrients. I have managed to convince all the members of the family to drink this, except one...any guesses who?

For our World Cup food festivities, K baked some tasty Maize Meal Cookies from Ivory Coast today. We loved the texture of them and they were not too sweet. Of course we had to bake a big batch of muffins at the same time. This cold weather sure makes the children eat non stop!

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