Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

Z and Opa on Christmas eve.

K and Oma.

The MZS guys checking out the new key board. It is going to be lots of fun!

We had a really good time celebrating Christmas eve together

Christmas morning found Z outside digging out a dinosaur skeleton. Just love that he still loves things like that!

Christmas day was spent with extended family relaxing at T. And yes, my daughter has overtaken me by a long way! I am bound to be the shortest member of our family.

We gave C&T a cute finger puppet book for their precious little one due next year. It was so cute to see them enjoying it as he made all the animal sounds for "Old Mc Donald had a farm"....

G trying out the boys new toys....

J and G had some fun with guitar hero and the drums....

Boys tried out new pool toys....

It was good to catch up , relax and enjoy the day.

Dinner was superb, not that we needed it after all the snacking all day! The tables looked so pretty with the gold runners and crackers. It was lovely to enjoy it all with everyone and we missed family members who were far away. It was great to have the farm cousins here!

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