Thursday, December 2, 2010

That time of year

We enjoy blessing our children with small gifts at Christmas time.This morning hubby got out his pen and paper to ask the children what they have on their "wish lists". The youngest member of the family has been preparing a list for a while I think, as it was very long. It was all neatly typed up and had star ratings next to each item on the list. Here is the explanation that followed the list.....


* This means please try to get it!

**this means dad knows this one

*** This means getitgetitgetit!!!!!

**** This means I don’t care what you say you have to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***** This means you can only get it at hit city in checkers hyper blueroute mall

Starlist over

(I thought it was very cute especially the part that said Dad knows this one)

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