Saturday, December 4, 2010

Grand Prix with a difference

J and his team riding the cart that won 2 years ago (made by the brother of of one of the team members)

Saturday saw the kids entering a grand prix with a difference. It was the Chaeli Campaigns Ladies Mile Grand Prix. The circuit is from the Sports Club, up Ladies Mile and back down to the club again. Categories included wheelchair races or "anything goes". Three people in a team, one riding and two being the power that make it go....

The glamorous girls pushing their trolley decorated with learner signs and "baby on board" (Z being the baby)

Z was not going to go anywhere in a trolley without being fully kitted out with a helmet and knee and elbow pads!

Before the races, the Chaeli Campaign gave a motorised wheelchair to a 13 year old boy. This is a huge step towards this young boy becoming more independent. Zelda reminded him that there are more speeds than 5 (the highest!)

The first race got underway with all our kids in one of the teams in that heat.

And away they go!

J and his team mates came in third place and were somewhat disappointed as they had been sent on a detour by an official, (at that point they had been a good 20m in the lead) while other teams were allowed to take a short cut.

The girls and Z were met by enthusiastic supporters as they came around the corner. They were pretty tired at this point.

They got their second wind and came racing toward the finish line with Z blowing the vuvuzela all the way and their little supporters trying to keep up with them.

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