Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspired by Jane's Deliceous Kitchen and my friend's garden

After receiving such lovely gifts, I needed to get into my kitchen. I found a recipe for onion marmalade in my new book and made it from my meagre onion harvest.I knew I wanted to use my onions for something a little different and not just in my normal cooking. It was just enough to enjoy with our burgers that evening.

With the huge marrow my friend gave me, I made some delicious healthy marrow muffins. Even my little guy wolfed those down! You can find the recipe on her her blog here: As I didn't have wheat germ or nuts, I substituted them with sunflower seeds and oat bran and bran. They were so good I have subsequently made another batch.

My oven never sees just one item in it at a time and so I made some yummy corn bread with chillies from my friends garden.

Just a peek at what I harvested from my garden....I am sure Jane will have a recipes for me to try!

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