Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun with friends

Now that the kids have achieved their school goals.....

...its time to enjoy the summer holidays!

Last week we spent a morning with good friends. It was a lovely wind free, sweltering hot day and the kids made the most of the pool.

The younger two and I also accompanied Aunty T and little Z on his first real trip to Ratanga. He had been before but was too little to ride. We had a fun filled day full of adrenaline rushing rides!

My Z went on the Congo Queen, not something I can do because of motion sickness. The poor boy was green after that one!

He could not get enough of the spinning cogs though. That is another ride I just cannot do.
You may ask, what can I do at Ratanga? Well my all time favourite is the Monkey Falls and it was even better to ride it with the little boys who just loved the thrill of all the water and dropping down from great heights. The best was when little Z said he was staying there and not going home as he was having so much fun.
K was thrilled to ride the cobra for the first time. Will I ever do that one : a big no!

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