Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At home day

Today was declared an "at home day" for the family. We have been so busy rushing around and have also done a fair bit of entertaining. It was time for a relaxed day with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. What a great day!

After a delicious breakfast of egg and bacon sausages and family bible reading, the younger two and I got to baking the gingerbread biscuits we have wanted to bake for a while. K kept telling me to get the flour out of the cupboard....

Z was hiding in there and I got the fright of my life! Of course the children were highly amused!

We put on some Christmas carols and got to making the gingerbread dough.

Besides the cookie cutters that we borrowed from Tess, Z decided to male his own Christmas trees. After we made the first batch we decided that there weren't nearly enough so I quickly made more dough for the kids.

My artist daughter decided to spruce things up a bit and made all sorts of coloured icing and even painted her icing onto the biscuits.

The finished items were just lovely! There was an "I love you " gingerbread man made by K for her big brother, an alien, a dutch flag and some that had way too many silver balls.....

Later it was time to pull out the Christmas decorations and the tree.

I love our Nativity scene that was given to me by my mum. We also have some decorations that Z must have made the year he attended grade R. They are precious . The ones the children love most are the ones given to them by their Oma and Opa the year we were in Dar es Salaam for Christmas.

Tonight hubby was out and all the kids and I settled down to a fun Christmas movie, "Fred Claus", and munched on the very "more-ish " gingerbread biscuits. A wonderful day with the family.

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  1. I love your biscuits. Christmas is such a wonderful family time and things do tend to get hectic quite quickly.

  2. Brilliant! Love the Wellies! And those biscuits rock. What fun. :-)

  3. Thanks ladies, time for us to start getting some things done round the house for this Christmas as we have not got there yet....


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