Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a special birthday....

Friday 17th was my birthday and it was a really special day. I was so blessed by all the calls and wishes and was spoiled with lovely gifts. Our family tradition is to all pile into our bed early in the morning and open gifts. My hubby gave me a book I have been wanting for a while and I cant wait to get stuck into all the great recipes! It is so much more than a recipe book as there is all sorts of other advice and the cooking is seasonal...just love it and recommend you get a copy if you have your own veg garden.
My sweet children gave me chocolates, magazines and a beautiful tennis bracelet I had my eye on.

The day was perfect and hubby and I made our way to Simon's Town Yacht Club to enjoy breakfast with a friend from our Dar es Salaam days. We spent the rest of the morning enjoying a few rounds of Mah Jong.

After an afternoon snooze, I was greeted with this amazing gift from a special friend. What made it so special to me was the fact that it was all freshly picked from her garden. There were fresh herbs; spinach and celery; strawberries; purple, red and green chillies; a huge marrow; a jar of homemade jam and a strawberry plant. It was so beautifully put together and I hope that my little garden will soon be able to generate such a lovely gifts.

That evening hubby invited a number of special friends to join us for a celebratory meal at one of our favourite restaurants, Cape to Cuba. We love their chili poppers and other fare. I enjoyed the seafood special and a fun evening was enjoyed by all. I was thoroughly spoiled with lovely gifts. The only thing missing was my sister who was making her way to CT!

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