Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes - Day 18 Worth

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Yes, you are worth infinitely more than what others may think of you or say about you.
 You are worth so much more than the numbers on the scale and more than your scores on those tests or results....
Too often we place too much value in anothers inability to see our worth.
 We need to know who we are in Him. Loved, blessed and precious and worth it.
Numbers, yes numbers can make one feel worthless too...the numbers on the scale do not define you. Whats in your heart is so much more important. 
Those scores that we are all forced to face at some point do not determine your value and worth. 
Too much value can be placed on those scores. We are all different and all blessed with varying talents and gifts . What you do with those gifts is much more important than a score.

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