Monday, October 19, 2015

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes - Day 15 Laugh

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Laugh, yes it's so good to laugh. I love that my three all have a great sense of humor and I often hear them laughing or better yet, we laugh together! My oldest often shows me videos that make me laugh, my daughter and I have had some hilarious moments together and my youngest and I often laugh when we are doing school, particularly Afrikaans lessons!
I love the little people in my life that bring laughter too. The little girl I look after twice a week laughs uncontrollably if we play catch at the park. My nephew often has us laughing with his antics and the cute things he says. The other two little girls I look after are just as sweet and often have me laughing too, specially the tiny two year old who is learning about the world around her and how it doesn't always go her way. She knows that when its supper time, it is time for me to leave so often after her shower she tells me, "supper time, supper time!" as if to say, you can go now! 
Laugh when you can, it is oh so good for you!

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