Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nature Club

On Friday morning we ditched the school books and headed into the great outdoors with a group of like minded moms and kids. What fun to make new friends and catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while. Excited children enjoyed the walk up into the forest gracing the side of the mountain, all the while keeping their eyes open for colourful autumn leaves.

We will be meeting once a month to enjoy time out in nature together. One of the moms gave the children a little lesson and the children found a peaceful spot to sit and do their leaf rubbings, journal entries and leaf stamping.

We had come somewhat unprepared but there was plenty of paper and paint to go around.

After the children completed their activities, they headed further up the slopes to play a game of "find my tree". They were blindfolded and led to a tree which they had to feel. After that they were led away and the blindfold was taken off. They had to then identify the tree they had been led was great fun!
Happy, relaxed moms and children alike made their way down the slopes in time for lunch. A perfect way to end the week...

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