Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Blood

Last Sunday night, after a busy weekend at the FAB Bridal Show, I thought I was coming down with flu or a cold. My throat was suddenly incredibly sore. I had been thinking that it is amazing how healthy I have been feeling of late and then WHAM...this "sore throat" hit me really hard!
I slept fitfully on Sunday night and woke in the morning in severe pain.The front of my neck was very swollen and I felt as if I had been ridden over by a bus. I realised that this was not just a sore throat.A trip to my doctor that afternoon did not bring very welcome news.
He told me it appeared that I had thyroiditis caused by an autoimmune disease.Tearfully I asked if it couldn't maybe just be an infection of sorts and was told by him that that would be very rare...1 in 40 000 cases that present are viral thyroididtis! It was not comforting news at all. I was in such agony that I needed an injection for the pain and I was told to go for blood tests and then straight home to bed. He instructed me not to even teach the children or lift them anywhere, strict bed rest was the order of the day.
News like that for a home educating mamma of three (with very busy schedules) was not easy to handle.I felt rotten and useless and wondered how my precious family would cope with me in bed most of the time.I was upset that I could no longer go to my Tae Bo classes...

Friends and family were amazing. I had caring phone calls and text messages non stop. Home cooked and freezer meals were delivered, beautiful roses to cheer me up, cakes and snacks for the kiddies too. Friends lifted the children to and from their extra mural activities and popped in just to check on me and make me a cup of tea. I was overwhelmed by the love and support of all those near and far. My mum and sister both offered to fly in if I needed them.

My husband and children were super stars. My daughter took on the making or heating up of meals for lunch and dinners. My big boy made a great salad one evening, perhaps he will become the salad maker from now on! They took on the washing and tidying and did some school that they could do alone too. My daughter spent some time teaching her little brother when she saw that I could not. They baked and made tea and coffee for visitors. My daughter buffed my nails ans gave me a manicure and painted my nails while I lay in bed. The children ushered me straight back into bed if I got up for anything. They lay and chatted with me on my bed and we all ate dinner together on my bed. All the while I felt totally exhausted even with all the rest.

On Tuesday evening the doctor called ,a big smile spread across my face as he told me that all the results were normal besides a raised white cell count. He wanted to see me in two days. My family rejoiced as we learned the news that I did not have an auto immune disease.I knew my mum had been praying and called her and other family members with the good news.
On seeing the doctor on Thursday, he confirmed that the swelling in my neck had reduced significantly and was amazed to see how well I appeared compared to the very sick patient he had seen at the beginning of the week. He said he would do anything to make me better even if it required standing on his head and singing hallelujah...of course my friend, who took me to the doctor, and I roared with laughter! After the laughter had subsided, he called the endocrinologist to make sure that this was not a precursor to a further event or auto immune disease. He reassured him that this is not the norm. Due to the fact that my heart rate is still somewhat higher than normal, I have been told not to exercise and to continue taking it easy for the next couple of weeks. I know I will need to, as I do not have the same level of energy that I have been used to. Much rest will be needed. The blood tests will be repeated in two weeks and I will see the doctor again.

I believe that this has been a work of God in my life and he has given me "new blood" just as my mum had asked.I share with you the email I received from her:

Hello again my love

Thanks so much for phoning me after you'd been back to the doctor today. I'm so thrilled for you and really believe that you were at the receiving end of a miracle.

After you phoned on Monday, I sent an sms to several of my praying friends telling them that you had a suspected autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland and asking them to believe with me for a miracle. I also quoted the Scripture: "For with God nothing shall be impossible" (Luke 1:37). When I prayed for you after sending off the sms, I asked God, who created your blood in the first place, to give you a spiritual blood transfusion and to replace all the diseased/malignant cells with new, healthy ones, and I believed that it had taken place and that you would not have an autoimmune disease.

The first good news came on Tuesday evening, when you confirmed that there was no autoimmune disease but that you had a (treatable) viral thyroiditis. I shared that news with much rejoicing at our ladies' meeting yesterday morning (Wednesday) and Linda, our pastor's wife, prayed specifically for you again. The cherry on the top came this afternoon when you phoned to say that the doctor told you that the blood tested 'normal' despite all the signs and symptoms of a severe illness that you had when you saw him for the first time on Monday. What a faithful, mighty God we serve and how wonderful that he (the doctor) too accepts that there are some things for which no rational medical explanation can be given! I'm over the moon for you and hope that you'll just take it easy and destress yourself in the next few weeks.

LOTS of love to all of you

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